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Project Description

Corso di Disegno


The course that teaches you how to reproduce onto paper what you see.

Also if you are an absolute beginner.

The Drawing Course guides you step by step into the world of Art, with a program tested by over 207 students in 4 years. Here are some of the topics covered in our program:

  • Live study of the line

  • Proportions study

  • Human figure from life

  • Guided Observation

  • Techniques on shading darks and lights

  • Portraits from life

Who teaches this course?

Francesca Matteoni
Francesca Matteoni
Master of Art – Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence (110 e Lode) – 2015 –

What are the hours?

9am – 11am EST
15:00 – 17:00 GMT+2

Those that attend can choose to come once or twice a week. The time slot is fixed while the day can vary. You can come choose to subscribe to the afternoon or the evening course.

Some drawings of students who started from zero

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the questions and answers of others who have joined the class.

How long is the course?2020-04-16T13:01:00+02:00

The Drawing Course is open from September to June and the subscriptions are annual, semi-annual or quarterly. If you want, there is also the possibility to sign up monthly. We consider the minimum recommended period is the subscription to see results in your skills is to subscribe for at least one quarter.

What do we do at the lesson?2020-04-16T12:59:37+02:00

In class we learn to reproduce on paper what we see before our eyes.

We will tackle matter through its fundamental basics, namely Drawing from Life, which is the first true lesson to learn how to draw as a beginner and not an amateur.

I will guide you step by step in the observation techniques and you will begin to become familiar with creating lines, the understanding of space, and above all, proportions. You will learn how to work with light and dark, to understand how to draw the volumes of the objects and to add the right play of light and shadow to create a 3D illusion.

We will learn with lessons on Portraits from the Life, Still Lives, and with the Model.

We will use classic drawing materials such as pencil and erasers to start, charcoals, sanguine pencils, chalks etc.

In addition, during the year there will be Special Lessons dedicated to particular themes and/or materials.

The lesson spends two hours of intense work on one side and mental relaxation on the other; you will realize this already after the first test lesson.

On what days are the lessons?2020-04-16T12:32:06+02:00

Lessons take place on Mondays, between 09:00 – 11:00 EST (15:00 – 17:00 GMT+2). Those who attend can choose to come to class once, or sign up for multiple weeks or months. Painting and drawing is obviously a practical study for which consistency and frequency are important for improvement.

Why choose this course?2020-04-16T12:32:12+02:00

Unlike other courses where attention is paid exclusively to creativity without guidance and the student is left in total freedom; we provide a method for learning step by step how to draw.

Our lesson is not an exchange of superficial nor amateur opinions, but we actually give our knowledge, a quality program, and above all a result: the drawing of what was observed. This is what distinguishes us from most of the classical art courses.

Our teachers are certified Masters of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

We have spent years practicing many hours a day with an academic method and we know exactly what the learning process of drawing is and what it means to start a journey in the world of art.

You bring enthusiasm and constancy and we will take care of the rest! You will see the results of your progress month after month.

Who can participate?2020-04-16T12:32:21+02:00

We gather here to learn. Whatever your initial level is, whether you have studied or not, whether since you were a child you were told that you ‘had a natural talent,’ or that you have always felt like a beginner: it does not matter. At Scuola d’Arte LUCCA you come to learn starting from your own level. The only real necessary requirement is passion and interest. If you are ‘talented’ or not, the teacher will evaluate your level and create the personalised path for you.