Scuola d’Arte Lucca

The passion for art is at the door for all.

Learn to draw like the great Italian Masters from an Italian Master.

Sign up for a Weekly or Monthly online class with Francesca, the Italian Master of Drawing at Scuola d’Arte, who graduated with her Masters in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

Francesca owns Scuola d’Arte, which is located in Tuscany, and since 2016. She teaches and assists amateurs in learning and practicing real life drawing using the Italian Art Tradition.

Connect directly to Italy, the country of Art, to learn in real time how to draw!

Online Courses

We offer a Weekly or Monthly Subscription of this awesome online drawing course.

We use zoom for all of our online courses.

You will be studying art from the comfort of you home from an artist in real time,

who is located in Florence, Italy!

A few artworks by our students who began this course as a beginner…